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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rememberence of things past.

Don't worry, Proust is not involved in this post.

I'm currently in San Diego, savoring sunshine before heading back to MIT. Being home has understandably caused an uproar of nostalgia in me. I've been looking through old notebooks, old essays, and other props of my middle and high school years. I figure it's a good way to look at how I've changed (or not changed) over the past 3 years of being at MIT - a good thing to consider heading into scholarship, fellowship and graduate school application season.

So what have I found? T-shirt designs that haven't (yet) made it to the printers, widgets waiting to be built, a finger-painting of a koi fish eating asteroids... you know, ordinary tokens of childhood. It's been very fun digging through my old things, so I thought I'd document this recollection. Maybe you'll find it fun too.

First the finger-painted koi fish. I finger-painted this after taking the SAT - by far the best way to rebel against the creativity-crushing nature of standardized tests.

I'm not sure what the arrow is suppose to represent, and the asteroids look more like burnt popcorn. But, I certainly remember having a great time reveling in an art form that I hadn't practiced since kindergarten.

I'll post some juicy undergraduate college essays later.

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