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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nostalgia: MIT / U of California Essay

Describe the world you come from, for example your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. How has that world shaped your dreams and aspirations?

I live in two places at once. This is not because I have miraculously achieved a new method to manipulate space-time, but instead because my rural, secluded hometown of Bonsall and the bustling, lively area of San Diego County, surrounding Bonsall, are each homes to separate parts of my personality.

I’ve lived in Bonsall my entire life, in a house atop a grassy, tangerine tree covered hill surrounded by rolling hills and natural silence. Growing up as an only child, I have always entertained myself by satisfying my curiosity. This curiosity has developed into my constant quest for knowledge and my love to express myself by bringing my ideas into physical form.

My parents have always encouraged me and given me the freedom to explore any subject I like: I have made documentaries of local junior sailing events, built two computers (named Hal and Athen), assembled an eight-inch Dobsonian telescope, launched a website and web store (, and I continue to feed my passion for physics and mathematics with growing piles of books. I jazz things up and “bass” about, make a complete mess of the dining room table with scraps of my latest sewing project, and tear up the local trails on my dirt bike.

My interests branch out from one another. Once I became a dedicated “trekker”, I started to develop a quickly growing interest in the cosmos, particles, and theoretical physics. After completing a quilt square for a 7th grade English project, I was ecstatic to realize that I could bring the clothing designs that filled the margins of my notebooks to life. All my hobbies seem to originate from similar happenstances.

Since I’ve been able to drive about the dynamic county of San Diego for the past year, many of my interests have extended far beyond the borders of Bonsall and I’ve become quite a social butterfly, fluttering about the neighboring cities and towns. I’ve met an entire “band” of people including my bass teacher, my current boss, and several friends through playing bass guitar with the Palomar Community College Jazz Ensemble and I’ve just begun to venture into Discrete Mathematics at another local community college. I never know where these new adventures will take me, but I know I’ll always learn something and meet new, amazing people. For these reasons, I consider the entirety of San Diego - its streets, freeways, cities, taco shops and beaches - as home, fostering my on-going passions.

While living in my personal space of Bonsall and the community of San Diego, I’ve created many goals for myself. Some are big, many are small, but all are possible. I want to journey to outer space, record a jazz album, write a hit science fiction movie that will inspire the next generation, sell a million shirts, sew a pair of pants, discover other dimensions that defy all known theories of spacetime and inspire others! I want to challenge my beliefs, thoughts, and abilities and use that knowledge to make a difference in the world, to leave it a little bit better than before. Then I’ll come back to Bonsall and stand on my old back porch and smile to myself as I remember that this is where it all started.

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