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Saturday, October 15, 2011

MIT Family Weekend

It's Family Weekend at MIT! The parents are everywhere, and I had the pleasure of making a presentation to a bunch of them (specifically the bunch associated with physics-lings) on Friday about my research in Neutrino Physics. Click the image below to see the slides. The images of the smiley neutrinos come from Particle Zoo - where you can buy plushies of the Standard Model and beyond!

The talk was a lot of fun. The parents had questions about the CERN-OPERA neutrino result, why neutrinos oscillate, how long have we known about neutrinos, and many others. Alright, bed time for me. I took the physics GRE this morning and am now starting to feel the effects of my 7 o'clock wake-up.

Peace. Love. Neutrinos!

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you don't write anymore : (

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